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Winter Weather Services and Snow Wardens

winterweathermascotAdvice, information and contacts.
During severe winter weather, the Council will provide regular updates on which roads and pavements we will salt and when. We will also tell you about any school closures, disruption to traffic, help available to vulnerable people, where you can find salt bins and what you can do with your rubbish and recycling if normal services are affected. The Council are also asking residents to come forward as Snow Wardens. See the Read more link to get more information about this.

Traffic ban around schools proposed

lollipop ladyEdinburgh City Council have plans to ban traffic from streets around city primary schools, including those in the Colinton area.

House Break-ins and ATM security

We do not wish to alarm unduly, but the police have reported a spate of targeted house break-ins across the city recently.  It is believed that this is being co-ordinated by the same group of criminals. They seem to go for houses that are unlit, with a view to forcing entry, stealing car keys and any easily-snatched valuable items; they then steal the car to make their getaway.